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Gather & Gather

Since January 2012 Admiral Recruitment has been Gather & Gather’s official staffing partner at the prestigious BSKYB offices in West London. Over the past four years our Ealing branch has managed both temporary and permanent recruitment processes for this world-class client.

With four live kitchens and three additional newly-built kitchens, the caterers prepare over 15,000 meals each day on a 24/7 basis so consistency is vital. Recruitment has played a vital role in the success of this dynamic catering operation, as James Davies, Director of our Ealing branch explained: “We have built excellent relationships with senior management across the Sky and Gather & Gather teams and we understand the challenges of running such a large scale catering operation. It’s about being responsive, consistent, agile and being constantly tuned into our client’s recruitment needs and expectations to support their goals.”